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If you own a business or have a personal brand, trademark protection is an important consideration in today's complicated global landscape. Amidst so much uncertainty, allow Baroody Law to provide clarity with legal solutions to help protect your intellectual property. Let the search for an Attorney end here.


If you want more information about the trademark process, a trademark search, information regarding a USPTO letter, or why trademarking your brand may be a good idea, please take a moment to check out the Baroody Law FAQs page by clicking below.


Registering A Trademark with a Trademark Lawyer

Brands deserve dedicated attention and thorough legal solutions

Cutting corners by going with the cheapest option may work in some aspects of your business, but taking shortcuts with intellectual property can result in delays, improper classifications of your intellectual property, cancellation of your legal applications, and ultimately failing to protect your brand.

Knowledge of your goals impacts the legal strategy

Baroody Law sees the big picture when working with every business  to provide the best brand protection by asking each owner two questions: where are you currently and where do you want to go? Every consult should begin by asking these questions because the answers should drive the legal solutions.

Every engagement begins with a free consultation. Baroody Law does not accept every case and will let you know if there is a better solution to protect your copyright or trademark, even if it means you do not become a client.  You can count on full transparency, even when it hurts.