Copyright Registration: Song & Music Copyrights, DMCA Takedown Notices, to Youtube Copyrights


Music Copyrights

Copyrights for Authors

Video Copyrights

Creators need to have their work protected and Baroody Law has the solutions. During an initial consultation, an inventory of your intellectual property will be taken to determine what material qualifies for copyright protection. Services also include registration and DMCA take-down.

Working with musicians is always a pleasure since the firm's sole member is a musician himself and produces when time allows. From the sound recording, the lyrics, to the music video, it is important to protect your work with copyright registration and to ensure any individuals associated with the creative process are considered in the evaluation of what is a musician's intellectual property and what is a co-creative work.

Books, blogs, articles are all literary works that should be evaluated for copyright protection. In the event your literary work can be copyrighted, Baroody Law can file the US Copyright Application and ensure the appropriate specimen is provided to prove your work.

If you are a video creator on YouTube, TikTok, Patreon, or other platforms and want to protect your video, Baroody Law can assist with copyright protection and also DMCA take-down notices in the event your videos are stolen and published without your permission.


To learn more about Copyrights, please review the Baroody Law FAQs page.