Overview of Trademarks and Copyrights Services: Providing Premier Brand Registration and Brand Protection

Initial Trademark Services

  • USPTO Trademark Search

  • Consultations to determine if intellectual property meets the definition of a trademark

  • Common Law Search

  • International Searching

Trademark Maintenance

  • Renewals between the 5th and 6th year and 9th and 10th year

  • Section 8 and Section 15 Affidavits for incontestability

  • Assignments


  • Filing USPTO 1(b) Intent to Use Application

  • Filing USPTO 1(a) Use in Commerce Application

  • Filing WIPO Application

Post-Registration Submissions

  • Response to Notice of Allowances

  • Declaration of Use

  • Response to Abandonment

Response to Office Action

  • Substantive Responses for reasons such as likelihood of confusion, merely descriptive, geographically descriptive, and missing disclaimer.

  • Non-substantive responses such as modifications to the international classification description or other minor errors within the application.

Enforcement and Proceedings

  • Appealing USPTO decisions to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

  • Petition to cancel or challenge the registration of another party

  • Cancellation  or Opposition Defense

  • Actions with administrative agencies to halt the importation of trademark or copyright infringing products

Copyright Registration

  • Assessment and inventory of intellectual property to determine what may be eligible for copyright registration

  • Copyright registration application with the United States Copyright Office

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