Trademark Application and Trademark Filing Services: Trademark a Name, Trademark a Business name, and Trademark a Logo


Trademark Classifications

Trademark Monitoring

Once the trademark search process has concluded and we have discussed the findings, the next step is submitting your trademark application if it is determined this is the best path forward. Baroody Law, via Mitchell Baroody, will serve as your Attorney of Record for the application, will file, submit, and monitor the status post-filing.

Prior to submitting your USPTO trademark registration, a determination will be made as to the appropriate international classifications for your goods or services. A trademark class is the specific category and essentially, the definition telling the USPTO and the world how your trademark is being used and protected. To make the appropriate determination, it is imperative that Baroody Law understands your goods or services at a high level. In some instances, to obtain the appropriate classification, a decision will be made to go for a Teas Standard application rather than Teas Plus.


During the trademark application process you will also be asked to furnish evidence of how your trademark is being used in commerce. If you state that your trademark is not being used yet, then the trademark application will be filed with intent to use 1(b). However, if you provide appropriate evidence in combination with Baroody Law's own internal investigation and searching to collect evidence of use, a 1(a) application will be filed. The advantage of using the trademark in commerce is your common law priority date is sooner, the process will not result in a notice of allowances to file an allegation of use, and ultimately, you can have your trademark registered faster.

The underlying goal with every client, no matter who you are, is to provide an efficient, transparent trademark registration service by an affordable trademark attorney. This means you may receive advice not to go overboard if you are a startup in order to save capital for other things or you may receive advice that more international classifications should be added or that you should register both your brand name and register your design to provide maximum protection. No one client will receive the same advice during the application process with the USPTO, but all potential clients can rest assured that their best interests are at the forefront of every legal service at Baroody Law.


Finally, the Baroody Law trademark filing service never ends once the application is submitted. Monitoring occurs through every step of the process until registration occurs with the exception of several caveats that will be discussed with each client prior to engaging Baroody Law's services since each engagement is different.

To learn more about the trademark application process, check out the Baroody Law Faqs page below.