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Due Dilligence

After you have decided to trademark a name or trademark a logo, the next step is to make sure there is not an existing trademark that will conflict with your proposed trademark. While the USPTO database is a great place to start, Baroody Law has several ways to assist clients with trademark searching that often begins with a Common Law trademark search and then moves into the USPTO Trademark Search.

The first place Baroody Law looks during a trademark search is not the USPTO database believe it or not. A comprehensive common law search ensues utilizing numerous sources to see if a potential conflict can be found that would provide another brand priority over your proposed trademark, which could eventually lead to trademark opposition or trademark cancellation.

The next step is a USPTO Trademark Knockout Search. A trademark knockout search has the mission of reviewing the USPTO Trademark database to determine if there are any obvious conflicts to the exact match of the proposed mark, conflicts to similar sounding marks, marks in a foreign language with the same translation, and conflicts to visually similar marks. Utilizing the Dupont Factors, which are used in the examination of trademarks by the USPTO, the goal is to give clients a good idea as to whether there will be issues by continuing with the chosen brand name or logo registration.

Every client registering a trademark through Baroody Law receives a thorough trademark search as apart of the flat rate service provided. Trademark searches are not gimmicks, they are a matter of due diligence. This is why it is the firm's strategy to ensure everyone has a good idea of the benefits and risks before proceeding forward to trademark registration.

If you would like to learn more about the Baroody Law Trademark Search Strategy, please click the below link to a blog post on this subject.